UNIBEN Student Set Herself Ablaze While Trying To Cook

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Commotion in UNIBEN As Student Set Herself Ablaze While Trying To Cook

Information reaching us is that an unidentified student of the great University of Benin set herself ablaze while trying to fix her lunch. According to our source, the girl was trying to add more kerosene to the stove while the stove was still on. This suddenly caused an explosion that engulfed the girl and almost set the entire room ablaze.  According to an eye-witness, the fire was contained and the victim was rescued before the fire could escalate.

More information on this incident will be communicated to you shortly!

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Different Types of UNIBEN Hostel Girls

In no particular order, we’ll be sharing the different types of UNIBEN hostel girls.

Borrow Borrow

This category of girls always depends on people’s stuff. They don’t buy and they don’t return things when they take it. They have sweet lips and you can’t just say no to them. These professional beggers start by admiring your hair. “Debby this your scattered hair fit you o”. When they start admiring you like that, run!

The Hostel Ancestors

These ones dedicate themselves to training freshers and sharing the history of the hostel and UNIBEN at large. They act as mothers and act as the landlord of the room. When you cook, they will become your small sister, but when you cook, they will turn back to ancestors.

The Naked Ones

These ones will never cover their nakedness. All they do is walk around in their birthday suit. Funny thing is, some of them don’t even have a fine body. Just say “Aunty try and wear cloth na”, and they’ll say you’re jealous of their bum bum.

The Bullies

These ones don’t have power, but they can shout and rant. They can threaten to slap your teeth off. Once you try to fight them, they’ll focus on removing your bra. They love quarrel more than fight. Once they start shouting and getting to your face, avoid them and run!

The Oversabi

These ones go to different rooms just to poke their nose into matters that they know nothing about. There’s no gist they don’t know something about. They lie more than Linus. They can go out for gist in the morning and come back at night.

The Big Girls

These ones spend all their money to buy things just to impress others. Their lie can cause a dead person to come back alive. They will tell you that their father is Dangote’s adopted brother. They use iPhone 11 and yet their brain is not smarter than Nokia torch.

The Runs Girls

These ones have so many uncles. They only come back to the hostel just to “rest”. Their roommates will hail them, join them to eat the pizza and then use them as gossip topic once they leave the room.

The Bookworms

These ones will go to night class and come back with their eyes all red. Next minute they’re out again for classes. They sleep in class more often than their bed.

Other Categories

Maximum hailings to the gossip crews, rumor mongers, prayer warriors, dance crews, noise-makers, selfie snappers, etc.


Did I miss any category? Add more categories via the comment box. Don’t be shy, tell us where you belong!


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