About Us

This Is Who We Are!

Schoolmetro is an academic blog for both graduates and undergraduates. We aim at helping young people get into tertiary institutions, support tech talents to reach their potential, and share education tips that can benefit anyone.

The Vision!

We started Schoolmetro because we noticed a gap in how much students know and how much they should know. Poor educational standard and the lack of valuable academic information is a big problem, especially in developing countries. So, we decided to bridge this gap – and the best way to reach out to a large audience is through the internet.

The Big Dream!

Digitisation is happening very fast as the world is turning into a small village. Social media, for instance, has brought the world together, making everyone spend more time on the internet every day. There are so many things on the internet that has stolen the attention of students, belittling their study time. Our aim at Schoolmetro is to build an internet school that will inspire and educate students at all levels, with creative content to make their learning fun and more effective.