UNIBEN Hostel and Off Campus Accommodation Application

UNIBEN Hostel and Off Campus Accommodation
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UNIBEN Hostel and Off-Campus Accommodation Application

The Dilemma that new students often face is chosen between the UNIBEN Hostel and Off-campus accommodation.

This is a legitimate decision because where you rest goes a long way in determining your productivity in your studies.

UNIBEN Hostel Accommodation

UNIBEN Hostels may seem tacky, and untidy at times with zero privacy but it can be fun and enjoyable. The close proximity to the lecture halls is an added advantage off-campus students do not enjoy.

For those who prefer the UNIBEN hostel, we are glad to announce to you that the UNIBEN hostel accommodation application has begun already.

UNIBEN 2023/2024 Hostel application is fully online for those applying to Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 3, and Hall 4 while other hostels have to be done at the student affairs.

In the same manner, it is good to know that some of the halls hurriedly get filled up, especially for the returning students. Therefore the application is on a first come first serve basis.

Payment Guidelines for UNIBEN Hostels

  • Log into your Kofa record (click here). Under Accommodation, Select a Particular Hall of Interest. This is a compulsory step for all who require accommodation in any of the reserved halls. For example, hall 5, hall 6, NDDC, etc. Those who require accommodation in Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 3, or Hall 4 and do not want to specify hostel can skip this step and go straight to Step 2 after logging in. The next available space will be automatically assigned
  • Under Payments, select ‘Create Bed Allocation ticket’. Make payment using any valid ATM card. The usual payment procedure.
  • Go ahead and book your particular space using the activation code on your payment slip, if the desired hall is any of 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  • Immediately proceed to pay the relevant Hostel Maintenance fee assigned to your allocated space, upon successful booking. Please Note that all allocated spaces will be released back to circulation after 48 hours. For the avoidance of doubt, Note that allocated spaces will be retrieved and become available for others to book after 2 days (48 hrs) of not paying the Hostel maintenance fee.
  • Print out relevant Slips to use for clearance into the Halls of Residence. Students who require space in any of the reserved halls should submit their payment slips to Student Affairs. Any Student allocated a space in the reserved hall is also expected to go ahead and book with their activation code and Immediately proceed to pay the relevant Hostel Maintenance fee assigned to your allocated space, within 48 hours, upon successful booking.


UNIBEN Hostel Prices

Here are the names of UNIBEN hostels and their prices;

HostelAmount (₦)
NDDC Hostel₦35,000
HALL 5 (for both Males and Females)₦25,000
HALL 6 (females only)₦40,000
Festus Akingbola (3rd Floor )₦62,000
Festus Akingbola (Top Bunk)₦25,000
Festus Akingbola (Down Bunk)₦36,000
HALL 4 (males only – 8 students in a room)₦17,000
HALL 1 (females only 8 students in a room)₦17,000
Intercontinental Hostel₦62,000
Keystone Hostel (For Both Male and Female)₦95,000
HALL 2 (Females only. 8 students in a room)₦17,000
HALL 3 (for both males and females 8 students in a room)₦17,000
Dentistry Hostel₦150,000 – 170,000
Hall 7₦75,000
PG Hostel Ekenhuan₦50,000

All Students who are assigned rooms in the Keystone Hostel should go and pay directly to the UNIBEN Keystone Bank and not via Remita. For Avoidance of Doubt. Pay for Keystone directly in the Keystone bank!

  • Booking Fee = ₦5,000
  • Maintenance Fee = ₦90,000

Off-Campus Accommodation

If you want to experience comfort which includes things like personal privacy, peace of mind, a clean environment, and rest of mind upon the end of a session, go for off-campus Accommodation.

You can get a single room as low as N40k to N80k while you can get self-con as low as N60k to N200k.

UNIBEN Off-Campus Locations

Here is the list of UNIBEN off-campus locations;

  • Ekosodin
  • BDPA (UNIBEN Main Gate)
  • EDPA (UBTH Main Gate Side After BDPA)
  • OSASOGIE ([BTH Back Gate)
  • Adolor (From Junction at UBTH)
  • Ebvoumore (By Ekosodin Junction from Main Gate)
  • Isihor (From Evboumore Axis)
  • Oluku
  • Evidence
  • Uselu

Ekosodin (UNIBEN Ekosodin pedestrian-only gate)

Ekosodin is the closest place to school. It houses 70% of UNIBEN undergraduate students.

The roads have been tiled now, and light and water are available. unlike before, security has highly improved and is commendable.

Ekosodin Locations

  • Edo street
  • Newton street
  • Market road
  • Boundary road
  • JB street

Transport fare

Treakable depending on your house Location. The price is N150 from the Back Gate while coming back is N100.


Name of streets in UNBEN BDPA

  • 19th street
  • 20th street
  • 23rd street

Prices: Some houses are closer, you will spend N70 for Keke.

The place is ok for the comfortable guys in town.

This area has a good hostel structure.

The disadvantage of this place is that you have to cross the road every day of your life.

Lives have been lost on that road you see. That was why you see the bridge was constructed and speed breakers put in there.

The hostels are very expensive, house of N120k in Ekosodin, ‘dem fit tell u N180k for BDPA’.

Their environment fine Sha, pass this village Ekosodin.

But never mind, Students are relocating aggressively from that area to Ekosodin for many reasons which I have told you.

EDPA (UBTH Main Gate Side After BDPA)

It is the almost same thing as BDPA so won’t talk much.


Far from UNIBEN except for medical students. It is mostly a family area. The place is calm but their Accommodation is also quite expensive.

You fit to see a tiled single room from the landlord at 110k.


Most students ply Holy Rosary Street while those that stay around the trek to like Uwasota.


Minimum of N100, maximum of N300.

N50 from UBTH back gate to the main road, N100 to holy rosary street. the roads are good.

Adolor (From Junction at UBTH)

Almost the same as Osasogie. You spend from main gate N100 with a bus to Adolor.

Ebvoumore (By Ekosodin Junction from Main Gate)

It is close to Ekosodin, just separated by a boundary road at Ekosodin near the new winners.

It is more of a family area o, the place is calm and trekkable to school but it depends on your distance.


N150 while going from Ekosodin’s back gate.

Accommodation is cheap there.

Isihor (From Evboumore Axis)

This is another family side, they have good houses there, a bit far from school and not trekable.


N100. If you want to rent a two-bedroom, three-bedroom, or four-bedroom apartment, then you can come to this site.




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