Top 20 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

Cheapest private universities in Nigeria
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Top 20 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

Do you wish to attend a private university? Then you might be interested in knowing the cheapest private universities in Nigeria.

It is known for a fact that tuition fees at private universities in Nigeria are significantly higher than those at public universities.

The total undergraduate tuition fees at the most affordable private university in the country are almost equivalent to what is charged at some Federal and State universities combined.

There is no denying that running a university undoubtedly requires substantial financial resources. This explains the reason why there are high tuition fees at private institutions.

The need for quality and sound higher education also drives the objectives of most private universities. When you add the fact that they are well-equipped and properly staffed, the deal is sweetened even more.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost leading to their high tuition and school fees. Consequently, it appears that only individuals with significant wealth can afford to enroll their children in private universities.

It therefore came as a pleasant surprise when we discovered that some private universities do not impose any tuition or school fees on their students.

To that effect, we will delve into the cost of attending some of Nigeria’s most budget-friendly private universities in this write-up.

This article might prove helpful if you are seeking information on the cheapest private universities in Nigeria in 2024 or if you are contemplating attending a private university but currently lack the necessary funds.


What Is a Private University?

In simple terms, a “private” university is one that relies on funding from private sources such as donors, investments, and tuition fees rather than governmental support.

It’s worth noting that many higher education programs in the United States, including Pell Grants, receive government funding and nonprofit universities often enjoy significant tax benefits. As a result, very few universities in the US operate entirely independently of government funding.

In contrast, public universities, while they do receive some funding from state taxpayers, are overseen by public authorities and can sometimes be influenced by political factors related to state budgets. You can refer to the list of Federal Universities in Nigeria and the comprehensive list of State Universities in Nigeria for more information.

To summarize, private Universities, unlike their public counterparts, rely less or not at all on state taxpayer funding.

While private universities can sometimes have higher tuition costs than public ones, financial aid options may make them more affordable in the end.


Top 20 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria


1. Obong University, Obong Ntak – N170,000

Obong University, located in Obong Ntak, stands committed to maintaining high academic standards while grounded in Christian principles. The institution provides students with an environment that fosters skill development and independence, equipping them for meaningful contributions to both society and their faith journey.


2. Oduduwa University Ipetumodu – N195,000

Oduduwa University, situated in one of Osun State’s rapidly growing cities, is recognized for its excellence in teaching and research. Accredited by Nigeria’s National University Commission, the campus offers a transformative educational experience, emphasizing the significance of knowledge in personal growth and societal progress.


3. Wellspring University – N213,000

Wellspring University, a lesser-known affordable private institution in Nigeria, was established by the Management Science Centre. It has a history of academic excellence, initially starting as a tutorial center for degree students at the University of Lagos. Today, it offers a range of programs with a focus on quality education.


4. Caritas University – N248,000

Caritas University, authorized by the Nigerian government in 2004, is the second Catholic university in the country. Founded by Rev. Fr. Prof. Emmanuel Paul Mattew Edeh C.S.Sp, OFR, the institution is deeply rooted in its mission to provide a well-rounded education while upholding Christian values.


5. Paul University, Awka – N300,000

Paul University is committed to producing well-rounded graduates in Nigeria and expanding access to higher education. Founded on principles of educational management, character development, and quality teaching, it strives to provide a valuable educational experience.


6. Claretian University of Nigeria (CUN school fees) – N300,000

The Claretian University of Nigeria, established by a multinational group of priests, seeks to reflect God’s principles of life, love, justice, and peace in contemporary society. CUN focuses on holistic education, preparing students for a rapidly changing world and knowledge economy.


7. Rhema University – N313,000

Granted operating license by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2009, Rhema University places strong emphasis on spiritual and physical development. It aims to prepare students for success in various aspects of life while offering a range of accredited programs.


8. Atiba University Oyo – N300,000 – N600,000

Atiba University was founded with a vision to be a knowledge hub in a future where information resources surpass material resources. It obtained formal approval from Nigeria’s National Universities Commission and seeks to equip students for a changing world.


9. Al-Hikmah University Ilorin – N350,000

Established by the Abdur-Raheem Oladimeji Islamic Foundation, Al-Hikmah University has grown to encompass various faculties and programs. Its mission is to provide a sound education and contribute to societal welfare through research and innovation.


10. Adeleke University – N350,000

Adeleke University, founded by Dr. Adedeji Adeleke, is situated in Ede, Osun State. Driven by the goal of expanding access to quality education, the university offers various benefits, including scholarship opportunities and a strong commitment to holistic development.


11. Novena University – N400,000

Novena University aims to bridge the gap in educational opportunities for Nigerian youth. It fosters personal growth and critical thinking, preparing students for the challenges of life and work in a rapidly evolving world.


12. Crawford University – N450,000

Crawford University, owned by the Apostolic Faith Mission, is a Christian institution in Ogun State. Established in 2005, it upholds Christian values while providing a diverse range of academic programs.


13. Newgate University Minna (NUM school fees) – N450,000

Newgate University Minna emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in a technology-driven environment. It seeks to produce independent-minded, skilled, and competent graduates.


14. Joseph Ayo Babalola University – N436,000

Joseph Ayo Babalola University is located in Ipo Arakeji and Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State. Founded by the Christ Apostolic Church, it offers various programs and maintains strict guidelines on modest dress code due to its Christian roots.


15. Coal City University (CCU school fees) – N467,000

Coal City University, founded in 2016, aims to provide quality education at an affordable cost. It focuses on international standards and seeks to prepare students for global opportunities.


16. Trinity University – N300,000 – N550,000

Trinity University was established to address the declining educational standards in Nigeria. With a commitment to knowledge acquisition, it strives to prepare students for intellectual growth and societal contribution.


17. Lead City University – N550,000

Lead City University, with its motto “Knowledge for Self-reliance,” focuses on empowering students for self-sufficiency. Its educational approach combines academic excellence and character development.


18. Tansian University – N258,000-N698,000

Tansian University, named after Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi, aims to broaden access to education. Founded by the Father-Founder Very Rev. Msgr Prof. John Bosco Akam, it focuses on knowledge, character, and moral values.


19. Mountain Top University (MTU School Fees) – N650,000

Mountain Top University, developed by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, is dedicated to providing quality education. Driven by a mission to free individuals from tyranny and servitude, it upholds Christian values while offering diverse programs.

20. Veritas University – N720,000

Located in the nation’s capital Abuja, Veritas is one of the private universities in Nigeria dedicated to top-quality education. The university was founded in 2007 and has become a favourite among the cheapest private universities in Nigeria.

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