OAU Courses, School Fees and Cutoff Marks for 2023

OAU Courses and Cutoff Marks for 2023
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OAU Courses, School Fees, and Cutoff Marks for 2023

Are you a prospective student interested in getting admission into Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife? I’m glad to tell you that you do not need to stress much because your answer is here.

In this academic write-up, we will give you a rundown of the OAU courses, School fees, and cutoff marks for the 2023/2024 academic session.

OAU is a Federal university in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. It is one of the top universities to study in Nigeria.

This post will contain the OAU courses, school fees, and cutoff marks for the 2023 session.

As it stands, the JAMB cutoff mark for eligibility to participate in the OAU Post UTME Exam is not yet out. This includes also the official departmental cutoff mark for all courses.

What this means is that the JAMB and Departmental cutoff mark we will provide for you currently is the cutoff mark utilized for the last academic session.

There’s nothing much to worry about as the OAU cutoff mark for this session would not be much different from the last session’s own.

What Is the OAU JAMB Cutoff Mark?

OAU Cutoff mark for JAMB is the minimum score any student who selected Obafemi Awolowo University as the most preferred choice in JAMB, must score to be able to register for the Post UTME exam.

The JAMB Cutoff mark for OAU this year is 200 irrespective of the course you applied for.

Therefore, any student who sat for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB) Exam and scores above 200 can move to the next stage of admission processing.

But if for any reason, the student is unable to make up to 200, even if the JAMB score is 199, that student will not be eligible to apply for OAU Post UTME.

It is good to note that the JAMB cutoff marks apply to all courses in OAU be it Medicine and surgery or Education. The general public is hereby informed to dissuade the misinformation that some courses in the school warrant higher than the 200 JAMB official cutoff mark.

Be rest assured that, provided you cross the 200 cutoff, you are eligible to participate in the OAU Post UTME exam, but this will not guarantee you admission.

Separate from the JAMB cutoff mark, there is the departmental cutoff mark that is obtained from both your JAMB and Post UTME scores. This is what we call the aggregate score.

OAU Departmental Cutoff Mark For All Courses

The departmental cutoff mark is the mark that guarantees a student a chance of getting admitted once they surpass it. Once a candidate reaches this benchmark, their names will definitely appear on OAU’s merit list.

This departmental cutoff mark is not the same for all courses, the more competitive a course is, the higher the cutoff mark for admission.

Below is the list of Courses offered in OAU and their departmental Cutoff Mark…

1.Agric Economics51.1
2.Animal Sciences51.475
3.Crop Production and Protection55.4
4.Family, Nutrition and Consumers Sciences54.95
5.Soil Science and Land Resources Management50.95
8.Estate Management52.7
9.Fine Arts53
10.Quantity Surveying51.3
11.Surveying and Geo-informatics61.1
12.Urban/Regional Planning52.3
13.Dramatic Arts62.4
14.English Language64.675
19.Literature in English61.25
23.Religious Studies52.075
25.Education Biology55.225
26.Education Chemistry53.375
27.Education Math54.35
29.Medicine and Surgery80.3
30.Medical Rehabilitation71.50
31.Nursing Science72.95
32.Faculty of Pharmacy73.825
34.Electrical and Electronic Engineering71.05
35.Agricultural Engineering50.95
38.Political Science62.95
40.Sociology and Anthropology60.175
42.Material Science and Engineering56.025
43.Food Science and Technology57.025
44.Mechanical Engineering72.675
45.Chemical Engineering70.275
46.Civil Engineering69.35
47.Computer With Mathematics69.15
48.Computer With Economics63.875
49.Computer Science and Engineering71.35
50.Agric Extension and Rural Development50.4
51.Health Education56.325
52.Education Physics55.6
53.Physical and Health Education54.075
54.Adult Education50.725
55.Education French50
56.Education Geography54.4
57.Mathematics/Integrated Science50
58.Education History55.225
59.Education Music61.825
60.Education Yoruba52.025
61.Education Social Studies54.275
62.Education Economics57.8
63.Education Religious Studies55.825
64.Education Political Science54.075
65.Education Fine Art57.625
66.Education Management55.925
67.Education Guidance Counseling57.3
68.Education English58.65
69.Applied Geophysics53.825
73.Engineering Physics59.60
75.Industrial Chemistry62.925
81.Faculty of Law67.8
82.Management and Accounting68.55
83.International Relations59.625
84.Public Administration57.225
85.Local Government Studies55
86.Business Administration53.6
87.Agric Economics51.1
88.Animal Sciences51.475
89.Crop Production and Protection55.4
90.Family, Nutrition and Consumers Sciences50.95
100.Soil Science and Land Resources Management50.95
This table shows the OAU departmental cutoff mark for all Courses. Candidates should note that figures were obtained from that of the 2022/2023 admission process. 

How To Calculate Your OAU Aggregate Score

The way to calculate OAU departmental cutoff mark is quite different from what is obtainable in other schools, while most universities use a 50:50 ratio where student’s JAMB and Post UTME grades are considered when Computing grades, Obafemi Awolowo University uses JAMB, Post UTME and O’ Level (50:40:10).

Here, the student’s JAMB score takes 50% of the grade, Post UTME takes 40% and O’ level result (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) takes the remaining 10% making the total aggregate score to 100.

This is how it is calculated.

Your JAMB score divided by 8 + Your OAU Post UTME Score + O’ level Points = Aggregate Score

Your O’ level point is calculated thus;

A12.0 points
B21.8 points
B31.6 points
C41.4 points
C51.2 points
C61.0 points
This Table Shows OAU Points for the different Grades in WAEC/NECO/NABTEB results

Here is a typical example, using MARK as a case study…

MARK had a JAMB score of 258, a Post UTME score of 35, and two A1, one B2, and three C4 in his core subjects in WAEC. To calculate MARK’s OAU aggregate score, we will have?

(258/8) + 35 + 8 (we got eight after adding 2 (point of A1) + 1.8 (point of B2) + 4.2 (point of three C4) = 71.45

With this, it means MARK is eligible to study any course with an aggregate score less than 71.45 as shown in the table above.

You can apply this to your JAMB and post-UTME grade to see where you stand.

OAU School Fees

Here is the amount for OAU school fees;

OAU FacultySchool Fees
Law, Arts, Social Sciences, Administration, Education Arts₦68,700
Science, Technology, Agriculture₦79,700
Basic Medical Science, Clinical Science, Pharmacy₦82,700
Diploma in Local Government Studies₦88,300
OAU DepartmentSchool Fees
Religious Studies₦68,700
Foreign Languages₦68,700
Linguistic and African Languages₦68,700
Dramatic Arts₦68,700
Demography and Social Statistics₦68,700
Political Science₦68,700
Sociology and Anthropology₦68,700
International Relations₦68,700
Public Administration₦68,700
Management & Accounting₦68,700
Local Government and Development Studies₦68,700
Education Technology & Library Studies₦68,700
Adult Education and Lifelong Learning₦68,700
Educational Foundations and Counseling₦68,700
Arts and Social Sciences Education₦68,700
Science and Technology Education₦68,700
Educational Management₦68,700
Institute of Education₦68,700
Physical and Health Education₦68,700
Agricultural and Environmental Engineering₦79,700
Chemical Engingeering₦79,700
Civil Engineering₦79,700
Computer Science and Engineering₦79,700
Materials Science and Engineering₦79,700
Electronic and Electrical Engineering₦79,700
Food Science and Technology₦79,700
Mechanical Engineering₦79,700
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development₦79,700
Agricultural Economics₦79,700
Crop Production₦79,700
Animal Science₦79,700
Family, Nutrition & Consumer Sciences₦79,700
Soil Science₦79,700
Anatomy and Cell Biology₦82,700
Medical Biochemistry₦82,700
Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics₦82,700
Physiological Sciences₦82,700
Nursing Sciences₦82,700
Medical Rehabilitation₦82,700
Medicine and Surgery₦82,700
Estate Management₦79,700
Quantity Survey₦79,700
Urban and Regional Planning₦79,700

OAU School Fees Procedures

All payments MUST be initiated from the University PORTAL by clicking on “PAYMENT OF FEES” from the student’s Home Page to download PAYMENT SLIP for each type of payment you want to make, i.e. separate PAYMENT SLIP for Acceptance, MainFees, and Accommodation (optional).

The University PORTAL will determine the type of payments available for you. For example, if you are granted a BEDSPACE, the Accommodation fee will automatically appear.

Please do not pay for accommodation until you have secured a BEDSPACE, as students will not be refunded such payment.

Present two copies of the printed PAYMENT SLIP to any branch of the Bank you select on the PORTAL for payment.

It is expected that the Bank will collect a copy while you keep a copy for yourself after stamping by the Bank.

There you have it. We hope after reading through this article on OAU Courses and Cutoff Marks for 2023, you can go ahead and make your decision in choosing OAU. Good luck with your preparations.

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