FUWUKARI Courses, School Fees, Cutoff Marks And Requirements

FUWUKARI Courses, School Fees, Cutoff Marks And Requirements
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FUWUKARI Courses, School Fees, Cutoff Marks And Requirements

This information is for applicants interested in the FUWUKARI Courses, School Fees, Cutoff Marks, And Requirements for the 2023/2024 academic session.

About the Federal University Wukari

The Federal University Wukari was established in 2011 by the federal government of Nigeria led by the then President, Goodluck Jonathan, the school was established as one of the nine schools established at the time. Federal University Wukari is located in the town called Wukari in Taraba State, Nigeria.

Federal University Wukari admits students from all parts of the country with no constraints on age, religion or tribe.

The university offers bachelor’s degrees in Agriculture, science, and social science courses.

Federal University, Wukari school fees are affordable to the common Nigerian as the bulk of the running cost of the university is borne by the federal government of Nigeria. The university has relatively good roads and other structures.

JAMB/UTME Cut off Mark: 180


Courses / Departments In FUWUKARI:

  • Accountancy / Accounting
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Banking and Finance
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Economics
  • Education and Biology
  • Education and Chemistry
  • Education and Mathematics
  • Education and Physics
  • English Language and Literature
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Forestry And Wildlife Management
  • History and Diplomatic Studies
  • Hospitality And Tourism Management
  • Hotel Management and Tourism
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Islamic Studies
  • Law
  • Library and Information Science
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Philosophy
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Physics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Political Science
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Christian Religious Studies (CRS)
  • Applied Physics
  • Adult and Continuous Education
  • African Traditional Religion



FUWUKARI Departmental Cut-Off Mark

A) Faculty Of Engineering

Agricultural Engineering 180

Chemical Engineering 190

Mechanical Engineering 190

Civil Engineering 190

Computer Engineering 190

Electrical/Electronics Engineering 190

Petroleum Engineering 190


B) Faculty Of Management Studies

Accountancy 180

Business Administration and Entrepreneurial Studies 180

Economics and Developmental Studies 180


C) Faculty Of Science/Basic Medical Sciences

Biology 180

Microbiology 190

Molecular Biology 190

Biotechnology 180

Chemistry 190

Biochemistry 190

Physics and Electronics 190

Geology 190

Applied Geophysics 190

Mathematics 190

Statistics and Informatics 180

Computer Science 190

Anatomy 200

Physiology 200

Medical Biochemistry 180

Physiology 200

Nursing Science 220

Medicine and Surgery 240


D) Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences

Political Sciences 190

Sociology 180

Psychology 180

History and Strategic Studies 180

French 180

Linguistics 180

English and Literary Studies 190

Visual Arts 180

Criminology and Security Studies 180

Mass communication 190


FUWUKARI School Fees Schedule for 2023/2024 Session

Animal Production and Health104000.00100Fresher
Animal Production and Health72000.00100Returning
Animal Production and Health104000.00200Fresher
Animal Production and Health72000.00200Returning
Animal Production and Health67000.00300Returning
Animal Production and Health67000.00300Spill Over
Animal Production and Health70000.00400Returning
Animal Production and Health70000.00400Spill Over
Animal Production and Health65000.00500Returning
Animal Production and Health65000.00500Spill Over
Crop Production and Protection104000.00100Fresher
Crop Production and Protection72000.00100Returning
Crop Production and Protection104000.00200Fresher
Crop Production and Protection72000.00200Returning
Crop Production and Protection67000.00300Returning
Crop Production and Protection67000.00300Spill Over
Crop Production and Protection70000.00400Returning
Crop Production and Protection70000.00400Spill Over
Crop Production and Protection65000.00500Returning
Crop Production and Protection65000.00500Spill Over
Food Science and Technology104000.00100Fresher
Food Science and Technology72000.00100Returning
Food Science and Technology104000.00200Fresher
Food Science and Technology72000.00200Returning
Food Science and Technology67000.00300Returning
Food Science and Technology67000.00300Spill Over
Food Science and Technology70000.00400Returning
Food Science and Technology70000.00400Spill Over
Food Science and Technology65000.00500Returning
Food Science and Technology65000.00500Spill Over
Forestry and Wild Life104000.00100Fresher
Forestry and Wild Life72000.00100Returning
Forestry and Wild Life104000.00200Fresher
Forestry and Wild Life72000.00200Returning
Forestry and Wild Life67000.00300Returning
Forestry and Wild Life67000.00300Spill Over
Forestry and Wild Life70000.00400Returning
Forestry and Wild Life70000.00400Spill Over
Forestry and Wild Life65000.00500Returning
Forestry and Wild Life65000.00500Spill Over
Agriculture67000.00300Spill Over
Agriculture70000.00400Spill Over
Agriculture65000.00500Spill Over
Fisheries and Aquaculture104000.00100Fresher
Fisheries and Aquaculture72000.00100Returning
Fisheries and Aquaculture104000.00200Fresher
Fisheries and Aquaculture72000.00200Returning
Fisheries and Aquaculture67000.00300Returning
Fisheries and Aquaculture67000.00300Spill Over
Fisheries and Aquaculture70000.00400Returning
Fisheries and Aquaculture70000.00400Spill Over
Fisheries and Aquaculture65000.00500Returning
Fisheries and Aquaculture65000.00500Spill Over
Soil Science and Land Management104000.00100Fresher
Soil Science and Land Management72000.00100Returning
Soil Science and Land Management104000.00200Fresher
Soil Science and Land Management72000.00200Returning
Soil Science and Land Management67000.00300Returning
Soil Science and Land Management67000.00300Spill Over
Soil Science and Land Management70000.00400Returning
Soil Science and Land Management70000.00400Spill Over
Soil Science and Land Management65000.00500Returning
Soil Science and Land Management65000.00500Spill Over
Hospitality and Tourism Management104000.00100Fresher
Hospitality and Tourism Management72000.00100Returning
Hospitality and Tourism Management104000.00200Fresher
Hospitality and Tourism Management72000.00200Returning
Hospitality and Tourism Management67000.00300Returning
Hospitality and Tourism Management67000.00300Spill Over
Hospitality and Tourism Management70000.00400Returning
Hospitality and Tourism Management70000.00400Spill Over
Hospitality and Tourism Management65000.00500Returning
Hospitality and Tourism Management65000.00500Spill Over
Agric Econs and Extension104000.00100Fresher
Agric Econs and Extension72000.00100Returning
Agric Econs and Extension104000.00200Fresher
Agric Econs and Extension72000.00200Returning
Agric Econs and Extension67000.00300Returning
Agric Econs and Extension67000.00300Spill Over
Agric Econs and Extension70000.00400Returning
Agric Econs and Extension70000.00400Spill Over
Agric Econs and Extension65000.00500Returning
Agric Econs and Extension65000.00500Spill Over
Religious Studies95000.00100Fresher
Religious Studies62000.00100Returning
Religious Studies95000.00200Fresher
Religious Studies62000.00200Returning
Religious Studies67000.00300Returning
Religious Studies67000.00300Spill Over
Religious Studies60000.00400Returning
Religious Studies60000.00400Spill Over
English and Literary Studies100000.00100Fresher
English and Literary Studies67000.00100Returning
English and Literary Studies100000.00200Fresher
English and Literary Studies67000.00200Returning
English and Literary Studies67000.00300Returning
English and Literary Studies67000.00300Spill Over
English and Literary Studies65000.00400Returning
English and Literary Studies65000.00400Spill Over
History and Diplomatic Studies95000.00100Fresher
History and Diplomatic Studies62000.00100Returning
History and Diplomatic Studies95000.00200Fresher
History and Diplomatic Studies62000.00200Returning
History and Diplomatic Studies67000.00300Returning
History and Diplomatic Studies67000.00300Spill Over
History and Diplomatic Studies60000.00400Returning
History and Diplomatic Studies60000.00400Spill Over
Philosophy67000.00300Spill Over
Philosophy60000.00400Spill Over
Biological Sciences104000.00100Fresher
Biological Sciences67000.00100Returning
Biological Sciences104000.00200Fresher
Biological Sciences67000.00200Returning
Biological Sciences67000.00300Returning
Biological Sciences67000.00300Spill Over
Biological Sciences65000.00400Returning
Biological Sciences65000.00400Spill Over
Biological Sciences65000.00500Returning
Biological Sciences65000.00500Spill Over
Biochemistry67000.00300Spill Over
Biochemistry65000.00400Spill Over
Biochemistry65000.00500Spill Over
Chemical Sciences104000.00100Fresher
Chemical Sciences67000.00100Returning
Chemical Sciences104000.00200Fresher
Chemical Sciences67000.00200Returning
Chemical Sciences67000.00300Returning
Chemical Sciences67000.00300Spill Over
Chemical Sciences65000.00400Returning
Chemical Sciences65000.00400Spill Over
Chemical Sciences65000.00500Returning
Chemical Sciences65000.00500Spill Over
Mathematics and Statistics104000.00100Fresher
Mathematics and Statistics67000.00100Returning
Mathematics and Statistics104000.00200Fresher
Mathematics and Statistics67000.00200Returning
Mathematics and Statistics67000.00300Returning
Mathematics and Statistics67000.00300Spill Over
Mathematics and Statistics65000.00400Returning
Mathematics and Statistics65000.00400Spill Over
Mathematics and Statistics65000.00500Returning
Mathematics and Statistics65000.00500Spill Over
Microbiology67000.00300Spill Over
Microbiology65000.00400Spill Over
Microbiology65000.00500Spill Over
Pure and Applied Physics104000.00100Fresher
Pure and Applied Physics67000.00100Returning
Pure and Applied Physics104000.00200Fresher
Pure and Applied Physics67000.00200Returning
Pure and Applied Physics67000.00300Returning
Pure and Applied Physics67000.00300Spill Over
Pure and Applied Physics65000.00400Returning
Pure and Applied Physics65000.00400Spill Over
Pure and Applied Physics65000.00500Returning
Pure and Applied Physics65000.00500Spill Over
Accounting67000.00300Spill Over
Accounting65000.00400Spill Over
Business Administration105000.00100Fresher
Business Administration67000.00100Returning
Business Administration105000.00200Fresher
Business Administration67000.00200Returning
Business Administration67000.00300Returning
Business Administration67000.00300Spill Over
Business Administration65000.00400Returning
Business Administration65000.00400Spill Over
Public Administration105000.00100Fresher
Public Administration67000.00100Returning
Public Administration105000.00200Fresher
Public Administration67000.00200Returning
Public Administration67000.00300Returning
Public Administration67000.00300Spill Over
Public Administration65000.00400Returning
Public Administration65000.00400Spill Over
Banking and Finance105000.00100Fresher
Banking and Finance67000.00100Returning
Banking and Finance105000.00200Fresher
Banking and Finance67000.00200Returning
Banking and Finance67000.00300Returning
Banking and Finance67000.00300Spill Over
Banking and Finance65000.00400Returning
Banking and Finance65000.00400Spill Over
Economics67000.00300Spill Over
Economics65000.00400Spill Over
Political Science105000.00100Fresher
Political Science67000.00100Returning
Political Science105000.00200Fresher
Political Science67000.00200Returning
Political Science67000.00300Returning
Political Science67000.00300Spill Over
Political Science65000.00400Returning
Political Science65000.00400Spill Over
Sociology67000.00300Spill Over
Sociology65000.00400Spill Over
Computer Science104000.00100Fresher
Computer Science67000.00100Returning
Computer Science104000.00200Fresher
Computer Science67000.00200Returning
Computer Science67000.00300Returning
Computer Science67000.00300Spill Over
Computer Science65000.00400Returning
Computer Science65000.00400Spill Over
Computer Science65000.00500Returning
Computer Science65000.00500Spill Over
Physical and Health Education105000.00100Fresher
Physical and Health Education72000.00100Returning
Physical and Health Education105000.00200Fresher
Physical and Health Education72000.00200Returning
Physical and Health Education72000.00300Returning
Physical and Health Education72000.00300Spill Over
Physical and Health Education72000.00400Returning
Physical and Health Education72000.00400Spill Over
Adult and Continuing Education105000.00100Fresher
Adult and Continuing Education72000.00100Returning
Adult and Continuing Education105000.00200Fresher
Adult and Continuing Education72000.00200Returning
Adult and Continuing Education72000.00300Returning
Adult and Continuing Education72000.00300Spill Over
Adult and Continuing Education72000.00400Returning
Adult and Continuing Education72000.00400Spill Over
Science Education105000.00100Fresher
Science Education72000.00100Returning
Science Education105000.00200Fresher
Science Education72000.00200Returning
Science Education72000.00300Returning
Science Education72000.00300Spill Over
Science Education72000.00400Returning
Science Education72000.00400Spill Over
Library and Information Sciences105000.00100Fresher
Library and Information Sciences72000.00100Returning
Library and Information Sciences105000.00200Fresher
Library and Information Sciences72000.00200Returning
Library and Information Sciences72000.00300Returning
Library and Information Sciences72000.00300Spill Over
Library and Information Sciences72000.00400Returning
Library and Information Sciences72000.00400Spill Over
Education72000.00300Spill Over
Education72000.00400Spill Over
Anatomy121000.00300Spill Over
Anatomy121000.00400Spill Over
Physiology121000.00300Spill Over
Physiology121000.00400Spill Over
Physiotherapy121000.00300Spill Over
Physiotherapy121000.00400Spill Over
Basic Medical Sciences204000.00100Fresher
Basic Medical Sciences156000.00100Returning
Basic Medical Sciences204000.00200Fresher
Basic Medical Sciences156000.00200Returning
Basic Medical Sciences156000.00300Returning
Basic Medical Sciences156000.00300Spill Over
Basic Medical Sciences156000.00400Returning
Basic Medical Sciences156000.00400Spill Over
Basic Medical Laboratory164000.00100Fresher
Basic Medical Laboratory121000.00100Returning
Basic Medical Laboratory164000.00200Fresher
Basic Medical Laboratory121000.00200Returning
Basic Medical Laboratory121000.00300Returning
Basic Medical Laboratory121000.00300Spill Over
Basic Medical Laboratory121000.00400Returning
Basic Medical Laboratory121000.00400Spill Over
Chemical Engineering111000.00100Fresher
Chemical Engineering83000.00100Returning
Chemical Engineering111000.00200Fresher
Chemical Engineering83000.00200Returning
Chemical Engineering88000.00300Returning
Chemical Engineering88000.00300Spill Over
Chemical Engineering88000.00400Returning
Chemical Engineering88000.00400Spill Over
Computer Engineering111000.00100Fresher
Computer Engineering83000.00100Returning
Computer Engineering111000.00200Fresher
Computer Engineering83000.00200Returning
Computer Engineering88000.00300Returning
Computer Engineering88000.00300Spill Over
Computer Engineering88000.00400Returning
Computer Engineering88000.00400Spill Over
Agricultural Engineering111000.00100Fresher
Agricultural Engineering83000.00100Returning
Agricultural Engineering111000.00200Fresher
Agricultural Engineering83000.00200Returning
Agricultural Engineering88000.00300Returning
Agricultural Engineering88000.00300Spill Over
Agricultural Engineering88000.00400Returning
Agricultural Engineering88000.00400Spill Over
Law90000.00300Spill Over
Law90000.00400Spill Over



FUWUKARI Admission Requirements

Admission into Bachelor’s degree programme is done through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). The entry requirements seek to ensure that those admitted have the necessary preparedness to benefit from the programme.

For entry into the Bachelor’s degree programmes, candidates are normally admitted through the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) and by Direct Entry.


A) Admission through UTME


Candidates seeking admission through UTME should meet the following requirements: Applicants must write UTME and attain an acceptable score in the use of English and three other subjects relevant to the proposed course of study and further obtain an acceptable score at the compulsory University post-UTME screening test;

For a candidate who has attained the acceptable standard in the UTME to be registered for a course in the University, must have passed five subjects (including English Language and Mathematics) at credit level at not more than two sittings in the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level Examination, West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE), National Examinations Council (NECO) or National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) in subjects relevant to the course of study. UTME candidates should normally have attained the age of 16 years.


B) Admission through Direct Entry (DE)

Candidates for direct entry must possess a minimum of five (5) subjects passed at not more than two sittings in addition to at least two A-level passes.

No subject shall be counted at both Ordinary and Advanced Levels. Acceptable level of passes in two subjects at the IJMB examination or Cambridge moderated School of Basic Studies terminal examination or International Baccalaureate from recognized institutions with SSCE/GCE O/Level credits or equivalent in three other subjects; National Diploma (ND) with at least a Lower Credit Pass from recognized institutions, with a minimum of five ‘O’ level credits passed at not more than two sittings. HND passed at not less than lower credit from a recognized institution plus 5 ‘O’ level credit passed at not more than two sittings.

This is all we have on FUWUKARI Courses, School Fees, Cutoff Marks, And Requirements. We hope you’ve gotten the information you need.


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