Top Jobs for International Students in Canada

Jobs for International Students in Canada
Top Jobs for International Students in Canada
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Top Jobs for International Students in Canada


Studying in a foreign country is an exciting adventure, and Canada is a prime destination for international students. Not only does it offer world-class education, but it also provides ample opportunities for part-time employment. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most commonly available jobs for international students in Canada, both on and off-campus.

On-Campus Jobs

Working on campus is a convenient option for students, as it allows them to balance work and studies without needing a separate work permit. Here are some on-campus jobs to consider:

  • Mailroom Attendant Jobs
    • Average Salary: $27,078 / Yr
    • Description: This role involves managing a dormitory’s mailroom, providing an opportunity to connect with peers and utilize downtime for personal tasks.
  • Library Attendant Jobs
    • Average Salary: $43,524 / Yr
    • Description: Ideal for those who spend a lot of time in the library, this role ensures a conducive study environment and allows attendants to complete their work.
  • Teaching Assistant Jobs
    • Average Salary: $26.42 per Hour
    • Description: Fluency in English and French can open doors to becoming a teaching assistant in various fields, providing valuable teaching experience.
  • Web Developer Jobs
    • Average Salary: $62,522
    • Description: A versatile job that can be both on and off-campus, web developers have the opportunity to work on various projects and manage their own schedules.

Off-Campus Jobs

For those seeking opportunities beyond the campus borders, Canada offers a range of employment options:

  • Bartender Jobs
    • Average Salary: $28,236 / Yr
    • Description: Working in a college café not only offers a chance to meet new people but also provides valuable customer service skills that can be applied in future roles.
  • Driver Jobs
    • Average Salary: $44,836
    • Description: A flexible side hustle, driving jobs like Uber provide opportunities to supplement income and can be tailored to fit your schedule.
  • Receptionist Jobs
    • Average Salary: $31,304
    • Description: As the face of a business, receptionists play a vital role in customer service. This job equips you with skills that are valuable post-graduation.
  • Merchandiser Jobs
    • Average Salary: $48,610
    • Description: Working for retail stores, merchandisers contribute to decisions regarding stock selection and presentation, offering flexible hours for students.
  • Heavy-Duty Mechanic Jobs
    • Average Salary: $70,000
    • Description: In sectors crucial to Canada’s economy, heavy-duty mechanics work with large machinery, providing stable employment opportunities.
  • General Labour Jobs
  • Average Salary: $29,250
  • Description: With roles ranging from cleaning to material handling, general labor jobs are in high demand across Canada, offering physically engaging work.

Requirements to Work in Canada

To work in Canada as an international student, certain criteria must be met:

  • Valid work/study permit
  • Full-time enrollment at an eligible institution
  • Possession of a social insurance number
  • Participation in an academic, vocational, or professional program lasting at least six months
  • Age between 18-35
  • Country of origin with an agreement with Canada
  • Valid travel document or passport
  • Supporting documents for prospective job requirements


Studying and working in Canada is an enriching experience that not only enhances your educational journey but also provides valuable work experience. By exploring these job opportunities and meeting the requirements, you can make the most of your time in this beautiful country. All the best in your journey to study and work in Canada!

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