Cheapest Canadian Universities for International Students

Cheapest Canadian Universities for International Students
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hmont Cheapest Canadian Universities for International Students

Are you an International student searching for affordable/cheapest Canadian universities for your higher institutional studies? This article will be a great guide for you.

Opting to pursue higher education in Canada presents an attractive option for international students seeking cost-effective degree programs.

Canada offers tuition fees at a reasonable rate, applicable to both local and international scholars. Furthermore, you’ll be immersed in an English or French-speaking environment within a highly developed nation.

The Canadian education system boasts a commendable standing, aligning with esteemed institutions in countries like the U.K. and the U.S.

A substantial number of international students opt for Canada due to its budget-friendly tuition, comfortable living conditions, and the esteemed reputation of its universities.

For those in search of economically viable educational opportunities, here are the top ten cheapest Canadian universities for international students, and an additional bonus option that is tuition-free!


Reasons to Choose Canada for Study


  1. Affordability: Canada offers more budget-friendly degree options compared to prestigious institutions in the U.S., U.K., and other English-speaking nations.


  1. Academic Reputation: Canada is renowned for its exceptional education system, with its universities upholding this esteemed reputation.


  1. Quality of Life: Studying in an English-speaking, developed country like Canada simplifies the experience for international students, easing the transition to a new environment.


Tuition Fees for International Students in Canada (2022):


Bachelor’s Degrees: Tuition costs range from $8,700 to $54,000 annually, contingent on the program and institution.


Master’s Degrees: Yearly tuition fees for Master’s programs fall between $4,000 and $30,000, depending on the chosen field of study and university.


Affordable/Cheapest Canadian Universities for International Students

The University of Montreal 

The University of Montreal, located in Quebec, Canada, was founded in 1878. It is the second-largest university in Canada in terms of student enrollment.

The institution has a rich history of academic excellence and has played a significant role in the cultural and intellectual development of Quebec and Canada as a whole.


As for tuition costs, the University of Montreal offers relatively affordable rates for both domestic and international students.

For the 2022 academic year, tuition fees for international undergraduate students ranged from approximately CAD 16,000 to CAD 30,000 per year, depending on the program of study.

Graduate program tuition fees varied widely depending on the specific field of study but generally ranged from around CAD 12,000 to CAD 30,000 per year for international students.

Keep in mind that these figures are subject to change and it’s advisable to check the university’s official website for the most up-to-date information.


McGill University

Established in 1821, McGill University is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It holds the distinction of being one of the oldest universities in Canada and is named after James McGill, a prominent fur trader and philanthropist.

The university has a storied history of academic excellence and has produced numerous notable alumni, including Nobel laureates, prominent politicians, and influential figures in various fields.

McGill University is renowned globally for its exceptional research programs and high-quality education. It offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs across various disciplines. The campus is known for its vibrant and inclusive community, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

As of the 2023 academic year, McGill University’s tuition costs vary depending on the program and level of study. For international undergraduate students, the tuition fees range from approximately CAD 22,000 to CAD 47,000 per year.

Graduate program tuition fees can vary widely based on the specific field of study but generally range from around CAD 9,000 to CAD 42,000 per year for international students.

It’s advisable to refer to the official McGill University website for the most current and accurate information regarding tuition costs. Please note that these figures are subject to change.


McMaster University


McMaster University, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, was established in 1887.

Initially known as the Toronto Baptist College, it evolved over the years and eventually became McMaster University in 1930.

The institution has since grown to become one of Canada’s top-ranking universities, renowned for its strong academic programs and research contributions across various fields.

As of September 2022, the tuition costs at McMaster University vary depending on the program and level of study. For undergraduate international students, tuition can range from approximately CAD 27,000 to CAD 47,000 per year.

Graduate program fees tend to be in a similar range, but it’s essential to check the official McMaster University website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date information on tuition costs.

Please note that these figures might have changed.


The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of Canada’s most prestigious and globally renowned institutions. Established in 1908, it has two campuses, one in Vancouver and the other in Kelowna, British Columbia.

UBC consistently ranks among the top universities worldwide for its academic excellence, research contributions, and diverse student body.

The Vancouver campus, situated on Point Grey Peninsula, overlooks the stunning coastline of the Pacific Ocean. It’s known for its lush surroundings and modern architecture, making it one of the most picturesque university campuses in Canada.

UBC’s history is rich and storied. The institution’s founding can be traced back to the establishment of the McGill University College of British Columbia in 1906. This college, affiliated with McGill University in Montreal, eventually evolved into the independent University of British Columbia in 1915.

Over the decades, UBC has garnered a reputation for groundbreaking research and innovation. It is home to numerous Nobel laureates, Olympic athletes, and influential leaders across various fields. UBC’s faculty, students, and alumni have made significant contributions to areas such as environmental sustainability, health sciences, technology, and social justice.

In terms of tuition, as of September 2022, the costs for international students at UBC can vary.

For undergraduate programs, annual tuition ranged from approximately CAD 38,389 to CAD 42,803, depending on the program and faculty. Graduate degree tuition was around CAD 9,314 per year.


It’s important to note that tuition rates can change, so for the most current and detailed information, it’s advised you take time to research and call to make inquiries.


The University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, founded in 1827, is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education. It is renowned for its academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and diverse student body.

The university has three campuses, with the main St. George campus located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The tuition costs at the University of Toronto vary depending on the program and level of study:

For undergraduate international students, tuition ranged from approximately CAD 41,540 to CAD 61,350 per year.

Graduate degree tuition for international students varied between CAD 6,210 and CAD 43,990 per year.

For the most current and detailed information on tuition fees, it’s recommended to refer directly to the University of Toronto’s official website or contact their admissions office.

Other offers include


University of the People

Location: Online

Tuition: Tuition-Free

Degree Programs: Associate, Bachelor, Master (Business Administration, Education, Computer Science, and Health Science)

Brief History: Established in 2009, the University of the People is a US-accredited online university. It is committed to providing accessible and affordable higher education to students worldwide, with a focus on leveraging technology for learning.


Brandon University

Location: Brandon, Manitoba

Tuition: $7,203

Degree Programs: BA, BBA, BEd, BFA, BM, BN, BSc

Brief History: Founded in 1899, Brandon University is a public university located in Brandon, Manitoba. It has a reputation for its supportive learning environment and a strong sense of community.


Université de Saint-Boniface

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tuition: $10,570 – $16,850

Degree Programs: Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts, Social Work, Translation, Science, Nursing, Business, and Education. Students may continue studies toward a Master’s degree at the University of Manitoba.

Brief History: Université de Saint-Boniface, established in 1818, is Western Canada’s oldest educational institution. It is a French-language university, that provides a unique educational experience in a Francophone setting.


Canadian Mennonite University

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tuition: $10,003

Degree Programs: Three- and four-year BA, BSc, BBA, and Master’s Programs

Brief History: Founded in 1999, Canadian Mennonite University is a Christian university that emphasizes community, service, and academic excellence. It is affiliated with the Mennonite Church Canada.


Memorial University of Newfoundland

Location: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Tuition: $20,000

Degree Programs: More than 100 programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Certificates

Brief History: Established in 1925, Memorial University of Newfoundland is a comprehensive public university. It is the only university in Newfoundland and Labrador with a strong emphasis on research and community engagement.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the Cost of Living for Students in Canada?

The cost of living in Canada can vary significantly due to the country’s vast size. According to the Canadian Rental Housing Index, many major cities are considered unaffordable, but there are still affordable options for students. Here’s a breakdown of average expenses for students in Canada (in $CAD):

Basic lunch and drink: $23

Monthly rent for a 45 sq m furnished studio: $1,729

Monthly utilities: $166

Monthly internet: $56

Public transport per month: $109

Monthly gym membership: $64

Pair of jeans: $77

Private doctor visit: $115

Toothpaste: $3.47

Cappuccino: $5.13


Note: The Canadian government typically requires international student visa applicants to demonstrate proof of having $10,000 CAD in addition to tuition fees. However, it’s advisable to have more for a comfortable living experience.


How Can International Students Access Funding and Support?

While studying in Canada can save you on tuition fees compared to other countries, seeking funding and scholarships is still a smart move.

There are numerous scholarships and grants available to international students, some of which are specifically designed for students from particular countries. These financial aids can help alleviate the cost of living and education expenses during your stay in Canada.



How to Apply to Canadian Universities as an International Student

If you’re an international student applying to a Canadian university, there are specific requirements you need to meet. In addition to the typical application materials like letters of recommendation, a resume, and your educational history, you may also need to provide the following:


  1. Proof of Finances: Demonstrating that you have the financial means to cover your tuition fees and living expenses is essential. This is often a requirement for your visa application as well.


  1. English Proficiency: Many Canadian universities require proof of your English language proficiency. You may need to take an English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL.


  1. International Application: Be prepared to complete an international student application, which may include additional forms and information.


  1. Passport Information: You’ll need to provide your passport information, as it’s a crucial part of your visa application.


  1. Translated Transcript: If your academic transcripts are not in English or French, you may be asked to provide a translated copy.


Additionally, keep in mind that for studying in Canada for more than six months, you’ll need a student visa. The application for a Canadian student visa can be completed online and typically costs $150 CAD.

The government of Canada will request various documents, including proof of finances, evidence of your health and well-being, a clean criminal record, and your university acceptance letter.

It’s advisable to initiate your student visa application promptly upon receiving your acceptance letter from the Canadian university to ensure a smooth process.

In conclusion, we do hope that we have provided you with enough information to make decisions on your next steps as an international student in Canada. We wish you the best for the future.



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