How To Handle Tough Courses As An Undergraduate

How To Handle Tough Courses As An Undergraduate
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How To Handle Tough Courses As An Undergraduate

There is always that one course that gives you headache as an undergraduate. It could be the course lecturer giving the students a hard time or maybe the course is too bulky; it could be that it is vague and abstract or maybe it is just not your thing. Here’s how to handle tough courses as an undergraduate!

Train your mind

The first step is to forget that the course is hard. Many people might have told you stories about the particular course and how no one ever passes it. That may be true but to pass the course, you have to rid yourself of the fear. Your approach is important. Believe that you can pass it; you can and you will

Be punctual, attend classes and participate

Yes, many students do not like attending classes, especially when they do not like a course. Then sometimes, you get lazy. You have to now push yourself to do certain things when the ‘lazy’ feeling comes. You have to attend classes; get there on time and sit in front to avoid distractions. Contribute to the class. Ask and answer questions. Go out of your way to do all assignments. Take notes in class. Be attentive enough to ‘hear’ between the lines during lectures and ‘read’ between the lines during your study time.

Watch some videos online

So maybe it is a technical course and you do not understand in class. Take advantage of all the good things technology offers us. These days, there is a video for almost everything. So go online and watch lecture videos on that topic. It will help you understand better. It is better to understand an idea than to just cram it.

Make the lecturer your friend if possible

So many people fear their lecturers by default. This is so wrong. Develop a healthy relationship with your lecturers. They are humans just like you. Developing a relationship with them will give you the courage to ask them questions outside the lecture rooms. This is great, especially in cases where the time for the class elapsed before you got the chance to ask your question. Just think of how helpful this may be.

Make sure you study; and start studying early

This is a no-brainer. You need to study hard and maybe even devote more time to this particular course than others such that the other courses do not suffer. Develop a relationship with your senior colleagues. They can tell you the courses that posed a challenge to them so you know what to expect. Get the entire course outline; this will make your studying intentional. As much as you have to ‘read’ outside the box, do not read outside the box. Study groups can help too; and most importantly, you have to know the kind of studying technique that works best for you.


Have it at the back of your mind that you can do it. Once your confidence is built, all you need do is to add other ingredients to get the optimal result. So study, attend classes and be focused. Know that somebody has gotten an A in that course before and even if no one has, you can be the first. In one sentence, courses that give you a hard time require more of your time.


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