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Courses Offered in Veritas University, Abuja

Veritas University is one of the top private Universities in Abuja. The institution provides undergraduate, Foundation, JUPEB and Post Graduate Programmes to Nigerians and International Students. In this article, we will be sharing the various courses offered by Veritas University as released by the school management. The criteria for admission and the basic requirements are also shared in this article.

What makes you eligible for an Undergraduate Programme at Veritas University

Once you have decided on the course to pursue, ensure you check the Jamb Subject Combination for that particular course. The JAMB cut off mark is 170 for all of the Courses offered in Veritas University. To be eligible to apply, you must meet certain criteria or fall into the categories listed below:

The Accredited Courses Offered in Veritas University

Below is the comprehensive compilation of all accredited courses offered in Veritas University as at 2019/2020:

1.       Accounting (B.Sc) – Faculty of Management Sciences

2.       Applied Microbiology (B.Sc) – Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

3.       Banking and Finance (B.Sc) – Faculty of Management Sciences

4.       Biochemistry (B.Sc) – Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

5.       Biology (B.Sc.Ed) – Faculty of Education

6.       Botany (B.Sc) – Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

7.       Business Administration (B.Sc) – Faculty of Management Sciences

8.       Business Education (B.Sc.Ed) – Faculty of Education

9.       Computer Science (B.Sc) – Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

10.   Chemistry Education (B.Sc.Ed) – Faculty of Education

11.   Economics (B.Sc) – Faculty of Social Sciences

12.   Economics Education (B.Sc.Ed) – Faculty of Education

13.   Educational Management (B.Ed) – Faculty of Education

14.   English (B.A.Ed) – Faculty of Education

15.   English and Literary Studies (B.A) – Faculty of Humanities

16.   Entrepreneurship (B.Sc) – Faculty of Management Sciences

17.   Guidance and Counselling (B.Ed) – Faculty of Education

18.   History and International Relations (B.A) – Faculty of Humanities

19.   Industrial Chemistry (B.Sc) – Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

20.   Library and Information Science (B.LIS) – Faculty of Education

21.   Marketing and Advertising (B.Sc) – Faculty of Management Sciences

22.   Mass Communication (B.Sc) – Faculty of Social Sciences

23.   Philosophy (B.A) – Faculty of Humanities

24.   Physics with Electronics (B.Sc) – Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

25.   Physics Education (B.Sc.Ed) – Faculty of Education

26.   Political Science and Diplomacy (B.Sc) – Faculty of Social Sciences

27.   Public Administration (B.Sc) – Faculty of Management Sciences

28.   Religious Studies (B.A) – Faculty of Humanities

29.   Social Studies (B.Ed) – Faculty of Education

30.   Zoology (B.Sc) – Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

How to Apply

  1. You have to download the application form from the school’s Official Website 
  2. You are also required to pay an application fee of N4,500 to any of Veritas University accounts as seen on the schools official website.
  3. The completed form and payment teller is to be scanned and sent to [email protected] or submitted at: Admissions Office, Veritas Abuja (click here to see the location of Veritas University).

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